Stock List Hacon Containers B.V.

Size Type
New Batch
Mini containers
04ST4ft storage mild steelNew5010Yes 
04DV4ft dry vanNew5010Yes 
04DV4ft dry vanNew5013Yes 
04LB4ft drip trayNew5013Yes 
05ST5ft storage mild steelNew5010Yes 
05DV5ft dry vanNew5013Yes 
08ST8ft storage mild steelNew5010Yes 
08DV8ft dry vanNew5013NoSeptember
08DV8ft dry vanNew5015NoSeptember
08DV8ft dry vanNew6007No 
08SF8ft steel floorNew5013Yes 
08WC8ft workshopNew5013Yes 
08LB8ft drip trayNew5013Yes 
10FT Containers
10ST10ft storage mild steelNew5010No 
10DV10ft dry vanNew5010No 
10DV10ft dry vanNew5013No 
10SF10ft steel floorNew5013Yes 
10DD10ft double doorNew5013Yes 
1DDS10ft double door steel floorNew5013No 
10OS10ft open sideNew5013Yes 
10LB10ft drip trayNew5013Yes 
10HC10ft high cubeNew5013Yes 
10HS10ft hard open top steel floorNew5010Yes 
10WC10ft workshop CSCNew5013`Yes 
1HVG10ft high cube observation CSCNew9016PUNo 
10BV10ft fire retardant New3001PUNo 
20FT Containers
20DV20ft dry vanNew1015Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew2004No 
20DV20ft dry vanNew3020Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew5010Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew5013Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew6007Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew7016No 
20DV20ft dry vanNew7035Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew9005Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanNew9016PUYes 
20VH20ft furnitureNew9010PUYes 
20HC20ft high cubeNew5010Yes 
20HC20ft high cubeNew5013Yes 
20HC20ft high cubeNew9016PUYes 
20DD20ft double doorNew5013Yes 
20DD20ft double doorNew6007Yes 
20HD 20ft high cube double doorNew5010No 
20HD 20ft high cube double doorNew5013No 
20SF20ft steel floorNew5013Yes 
2HSF20ft high cube steel floorNew5013Yes 
2HSF20ft high cube steel floorNew5010No 
20OS20ft open sideNew5013Yes 
20OS20ft open sideNew5010Yes 
20OH20ft high cube open sideNew5013Yes 
2DDO20ft double door open sideNew5013No 
2ASO20ft all sides openNew5013Yes 
20HA20ft HC all sides openNew5013Yes 
20OD20ft open side with drip trayNew5013Yes 
20SL20ft open side drip tray no rear doorsNew5013No 
20OT20ft open topNew5013Yes 
2HCOT20ft high cube open topNew5010No 
20HT20ft hard topNew5013Yes 
20HS20ft hard top high cubeNew5013No 
20HF20ft hard top steel floorNew5013Yes 
20HSS20ft hard top high cube steel floorNew3002Yes 
20HSS20ft hard top high cube steel floorNew5013Yes 
2HOS20ft half height open topNew5013Yes 
20PF20ft platform 30TT New5013Yes 
20WC20ft workshop CSCNew5011No 
20WC20ft workshop CSCNew5013Yes 
20CW20ft combi workshop CSCNew5010Yes 
20DL20ft locker container CSCNew9016PUYes 
20DL20ft locker container CSCNew9016PUYesAV as ex rental
40FT Containers
40DV40ft dry vanNew5010No 
40DV40ft dry vanNew5013No 
40SF40ft steel floorNew5013NoAV as ex rental
40HC40ft high cube New5010No 
40HC40ft high cube New5013No 
40HC40ft high cube New7040Yes 
40HD40ft high cube double doorNew5013Yes 
4HSF40ft high cube steel floorNew5013No 
40OT40ft open top (original)New5010No 
40OH40ft high cube open sideNew5013NoAugustus
40HH40ft high cube hard open topNew3002Yes 
40PF40ft platformNew5013Yes 
45HW45ft high cube palletwideNew No 
Reefer Containers
20RF YOM 2001Used No 
20RF YOM 2002Used No 
20RF YOM 2003Used No 
20RF YOM 2004Used No 
20RF YOM 2005Used No 
20RF YOM 2006Used No 
20RF YOM 2007Used No 
20RF YOM 2008 Used Yes 
20RF YOM 2010 Used Yes 
20RF YOM 2011Used No 
20RF YOM 2012Used Yes 
20RF YOM 2013Used Yes 
20RF YOM 2014Used Yes 
20RFYOM 2015Used No 
20RFYOM2020New Yes 
20IN20ft insulated  No 
20HI20ft high cube insulatedUsed No 
40HI40ft high cube insulatedUsed No 
40HRYOM 2006Used Yes 
40HRYOM 2007Used No 
40HRYOM 2008Used Yes 
40HRYOM 2010Used No 
40HRYOM 2012Used Yes 
01GEYOM 1998 Thermoking  No 
01GEYOM 2003 Carrier  Yes 
01GEYOM 2014 Carrier  Yes 
01GEYOM 2015 Carrier  Yes 
01GEYOM 2019 Carrier  Yes 
01GEYOM 2022 Carrier  No 
01GEYOM 2021 Genmark  Yes 
01GEYOM 2022 Genmark  Yes 
01GEYOM 2023 Genmark  Yes 
Accommodation Units
10AC10ft accommodation unitNew5010NoEx rental
10AH10ft accommodation unit (2800mm high)New5010NoEx rental
10VG10ft observation unitNew5010Yes 
1HVG10ft HC Observation container (CSC)New9016PUYes 
20AC20ft accommodation unitNew5010YesEx rental
20AK20ft accommodation unit w/kitchenNew5010YesEx rental
20A636x3 accommodation unit New7040/5013Yes 
20K636x3 accommodation unit w/kitchenNew7040/5013NoEx rental
20DA20ft Accommodation container (CSC)Young used5010Yes 
20DA20ft Accommodation container (CSC)New9016PUYes 
20DA20ft Accommodation container (CSC)Young used9016PUYesEx rental
20VG20ft Observation container (CSC)9010PU9010PUYes 
2HVG20ft HC Observation container (CSC)9010PU9010PUYes 
Used Containers 28/12 aangepast
Dry Van
20DV20ft dry vanCW Yes 
20DV20ft dry vanC grade No 
20DV20ft dry vanIICL Yes 
20PH20ft HC palletwide 9ftCW Yes 
20HB20HC BulkIICL No 
40DV40ft dry vanCW Yes 
40HC40ft high cubeCW Yes 
40PH40ft high cube pallet wideCW No 
45HW45ft high cube pallet wideCW No 
45HW45ft high cube pallet wideCW No 
Open top
20OT20ft open topCW Yes 
20OT20ft open top IICL Yes 
20OT20ft open top IICL Yes 
20OT20ft open top IICL Yes  
40OT40ft open topCW Yes 
40OT40ft open topIICL No 
Flatracks (collapsible / flush folding)
20FR20ft FlatrackCW Yes 
40FR40ft FlatrackCW Yes 
40FR40ft FlatrackCW Yes 
40PF40ft platformCW No 
2HOS20ft half hoog hardtop (145cm)IICL Yes 
40HH40ft HC hardtopIICL Yes 
40HH40ft HC hardtopCW Yes 
40HH40ft HC hardtopCW Yes 
Offshore DNV 2.7-1 (incl. sling)
06MN6ft. Mini 5013/1023 incl. sling
10OF10ft. Standaard 5013/1023 incl. sling
10OR10ft. Reefer 9010/5013 incl. sling
1HHO10ft. Half Height Open Top 5013/1023 incl. sling
20OF20ft. Standaard 5013/1023 incl. sling
2HHO20ft. Half Height Open Top 5013/1023 incl. sling
2BAS20ft. Basket with tarp 5013/1023 incl. sling
20OO20ft. Open Top 5013/1023 incl. sling
20OR20ft. Reefer 9010/5013 incl. sling
1SLI10ft. Sling    
2SLI20ft. Sling    



Availability is subject to confirmation at time of order